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Orthodontics Before Your Graduation

Orthodontics Before Your Graduation

Time to Start Your High School Graduation Smile

On high school graduation day the graduate, parents, siblings, and all family members are so joyous with celebration and of course many photos are taken. A major milestone has taken place for the young adult.

Now is the time to enjoy the photos of your graduate and their full smile.

The natural smile takes place naturally in less than 25% of the population. Most parents notice that something is not acceptable or are informed at an early age by their dentist, that their child has a concern and should be evaluated. It is not unusual fort the child and parent to have a professional consult but do not proceed with interceptive treatment. Time passes and the teenager is a sophomore or junior in high school so, now maybe it’s time to create that “Graduation Smile”. Orthodontic materials have changed and are more esthetic and more efficient than ever before.

Treatment time can be reduced with increased efficiency. Clear Invisalign retainers are now more efficient and can make a big difference in patients 12-14 months. Detailing can then take place after graduation. Graduation is coming and now is the time to make an appointment for evaluation of treatment options.

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