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Full Comprhensive Treatment.

  • Total orthodontic care for complex issues including alignment of all dentition, closing excess space, improvement of an overbite and/or deep bite especially common in teenage and adult patients.
  • Aligners are worn for a prescribed time followed by refinement.

Moderate Invisalign Treatment

  • Less correction needed utilizing 20 sets of aligners
  • Includes 2 refinements

Invisalign Lite treatment

  • Moderate correction needed untilizing 14 sets of aligners
  • Includes 1 refinement

Invisalign Express

  • Anterior correction utilizing 10 sets of aligners
  • Includes 1 refinement

Invisalign Express

  • Minor anterior correction utilizing 7 sets of aligners
  • Includes 1 refinement

Invisalign Express

  • Touch-up or mild anterior correction of 5 sets of aligners
  • Includes 1 refinement

Invisalign - Phase One

  • Early treatment of a young patient to reduce crowding and early bite concerns
  • Second Phase of Invisalign as needed to finalizee bite and alignment

The concept of Invisalign orthodontic treatment started in the late 1990's but began active marketing to the orthodontic community and shortly patients in the early 2000's. In our practice, we started with patients who had excess spacing between their teeth...and were very motivated towards a major improvement without the standard metal or ceramic braces. Our first Invisalign patient was familiar with treatment as two sons were treated in our office. He asked for an orthodontic improvement without the wire grin. Invisalign treatment was initiated and completed. The patient's needs were met with a big smile. From that time we continued to start more patients for treatment.

In the fall of 2009 and 2010, Aligntech made major improvements in the software support that led to noticeable changes in aligner design and retention. Our patients from day one could see a difference in how the aligners stayed in place initially. We also observed a reduced effort to remove the appliance for cleaning and storage. The retention buttons or attachments were mathematically designed to aid in retention but more important direct the tooth to proper alignment in a shorter period of time.

As the technology has evolved with proven results we have continued to expand our range of Invisalign treatment. We can certainly can see the positive image Invisalign has brought to our patients. Adult and teen patients look forward to office visits and receiving their new aligners. It is my experience that every patient can already see a nice early change upon returning after wearing the first two sets of aligners.

We emphasize to our patient we expect a very nice change with the original set of aligners that may range from 10 to 28 plus aligners. Each set of aligners is normally worn for two weeks. After the last set of aligners, we re-evaluate the progress and consider refinement aligners included in the treatment fee. Refinement aligners are approximately 10-20 aligners as needed. The final refinement is utilized to obtain the desired result that meets the patient's needs and ensures a stable change long term.

Invisalign has proven to be an outstanding treatment with exceptional patient cooperation. You can also follow this link to learn more about Invisalign For Teens .

Before and After Invisalign Treatment Photos

Here is Another Invisalign Patient

Before                                                           Progress 12 months into an

18-20 month treatment plan

And Another