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The hygienist who has helped with my dental care for the past 15 years suggested that I see an orthodontist as I had issues with my bite and the alignment of my teeth. She recommended that I see Dr. Dankey and team at Broomfield Orthodontics. I met with Dr. Dankey and discussed options for treatment. The first step was a series of images and impressions that would help determine which option would deliver the best results. After reviewing the images and impressions, Dr. Dankey determined that braces would deliver those results. Given my past experiences with braces, I was not looking forward to having them again. However, Dr. Dankey explained that the technology of braces had evolved considerably since my last experience. My treatment started in January 2012 and ended in June 2013. During this time, I got to know him, the treatment coordinator, Bette, the business coordinator, Cindy, and the orthodontics assistants of Rene, Rachel, and Faye. Every team member was professional and encouraging. Throughout the treatment, I was surprised at how quickly the changes happened. For example, I usead a plastic bite plate as a night guard. When I first started, only my molars were making contact as could be seen from the indentations of the plate. As treatment progressed, the indentations proceeded from the molars to the incisors. In June when my treatment was complete, they celebrated the accomplishments with a balloon, cake, and a photograph. The same hygienist that recommended treatment is now excited to clean my teeth! I would recommend Dr. Dankey and his team to anyone that asked. They were thoroughly professional throughout the treatment.

-  Brain K

Dr. Dankey’s love of forever learning his craft benefited my boys tremendously. With a stage III overbite, Dr. Dankey started BJ with corrective headgear in 1st grade. Our dentist tried to explain that the molar brackets were applying no torque (well, yeah, not without the nightly headgear attached!) beacause he had never seen that treatment. Then over 24 months the dentist witnessed Dr. Dankey’s magic as BJ’s overbite transformed into a normal bite. When my second son showed a similar problem many years later, the dentist referred us back to Dr. Dankey for headgear – by then it was a common treatment. Thank godness for BJ, Dr. Dankey was way ahead of the curve!

- Elizabeth M.

Both of my daughters received orthodonticc treatment from Dr. Dankey and his staff. My oldest daughter needed braces and an expander, and ended up with a smile that people raved about! My youngest daughter had two missing teeth. Dr. Dankey worked with her to ensure that he made and maintained space fro her implants. This process also involved coordinating with a surgeon and a dentist, which Dr. Dankey and staff handled seamlessly. We couldn’t be happier with all of the support that we received, as well as, the results we achieved. We would highly recommend Dr. Dankey and staff to anyone!

- Julie B.

Our family has grown with Dr. Dankey and his remarkable staff.  Three boys, 3 beautiful smiles, and many years of impeccable service. Thank you everyone at Broomfield Orthodontics!

- Shawna

Dr Dankey and his very pleasant team made my daughter’s experience very positive over the years of her orthodontic treatments. Thank you for improving her smile for years to come! Receiving balloons and a cake at the end was a wonderful surprise too!

- Kristen S.

Thank you for our “Dr. Dankey Smiles!”
Sincerely, the Pattersons

Dr. Dankey,
I wanted to thank you for all the hard work, you have done in behalf of my children. There is a noticeable change in the self-confidence of my son Jordan. To see him smile proudly, really makes me feel good.
Sincerely, P. Kassal

Dear Dr. Dankey and Staff,
Robin hasn’t stopped smiling since her braces were removed! She was glowing from the celebration you gave her. We all enjoyed the cake. Thank you for your commitment and caring. Everyone was kind and understanding.
Sincerely, A.M.S

Dear Dr. Dankey,
Thank you so much for being so caring and attentive to me. I really enjoyed spending time in your office and being taken care of by you and your assistants. Thank you for being so nice and special.
Sincerely, Y. Idelchik

Dear Dr. Dankey,
Over the past two years I’ve been constanly reminded and impressed with the way your entire organization works together as a team. I’d like to thank and compliment you and all your staff. Each time they were pleasant and cheerful, which created a positive environment. I’m very pleased with the way my teeth look today, thanks very much for all you work.
Sincerely, A. Edmondson